The Refugee

The Refugee

“Don’t you find him absurd? Why has he come here? He must be up to  something.” Ali was continuously firing from his tongue as Nazma continued to fry the keema on the stove. She didn’t pay any attention to Ali as she was used to these murmurs whenever he entered the kitchen after coming home. …

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He was unlike any other, dishevelled yet graceful, slouching yet impressive, antagonistic yet charming. A heated argument was on outside the cinema hall. “Sir, you are not allowed inside without a ticket.” The guard told him rather gruffly, for the umpteenth time. Several ticket holders streamed past, having eyed the greying intruder anxiously. “But the …


Rat Race

Rat Race

वो ऊँची इमारतों की चोटियों में खो गया आसमान फैक्टरियों के धुंए में छुप गए बादल दब गयी मोटरो के हॉर्न में वो गूँज चिड़ियों के चहकने और कबूतरों की गुटरगूँ स्टेशन की टीन की छत पर ही सिमट गयी रह गई वहीं गांव की पगडंडी पर अंगीठी की महक ,कच्ची मिट्टी की खुशबू. अपनी …

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The destiny

The Destiny

“He was sure that it was her…almost! He walked briskly down the pavement, overtaking several fellow pedestrians. She wore a white top and a flowing blue skirt. Her hair flew tantalisingly behind her as it used to all those years ago. The pedestrian bridge between them took him a few more seconds to come face …

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Sunna Manna Hai

सुनना मना है

मरीजों की कतार में वो बुढ़िया लिए चेहरे पे उम्र से ज़्यादा झुरिया दिल में बेटी के खोने का ग़म अकेले , थकी हुई , निराश और सुनाई देता था कम जांच पड़ताल व इलाज़ के साथ दिया जब उसे ऐसा मशविरा “सुनने की मशीन लगवाओ , अब और ऐसे सुनाई नहीं देगा। “ हैरान …

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